Our Goals

2023 Memorial Day Speech by Brok Torbert, President of South Louisiana Veteran Outreach

Freedom Fest 2023

Freedom Fest with the addition of Bayou Beer Fest with the Bayou Beer Society was one for the books. South Louisiana Veteran Outreach raised a total of $63,041.16 with expenses of $34,289.42 leaving $28,751.74 that will impact the life of Veterans in our very own community. 

Freedom Fest 2022

South Louisiana Veteran Outreach has donated $14,629.90 in our SLVO IDA Relief Program to Veterans in the community. Of the $14,629.90, $898.24 has been spent on mattresses, $6,219.99 has been spent on hurricane supplies, $1,929.13 has been spent on vehicle payments, $3,195.21 has been spent on mortgage payments, $187.33 has been spent on insurance, $2,200 has been spent on pest control, and lastly, serving over 5,500 hot lunch plates. The number of Veteran households served is impossible to calculate, but South Louisiana Veteran Outreach alongside with the help of our sponsors is making a tremendous impact in our Veterans lives. 

South Louisiana Veteran Outreach hosted the 2nd Annual “Help Our Heroes” Gumbo Cook-off. The organization’s mission is to continue to serve the nation by honoring our veterans and their families. They do this by creating and supporting unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities.

South Louisiana Veteran Outreach would also like to thank everyone who volunteered, donated, and sponsored the 2nd Annual “Help Our Heroes” Gumbo Cook-off.  Since Hurricane Ida has affected so many people, SLVO wanted to give back to the community by making it a free event. They were able to raise $10,109 on an event that cost $1,573.54 to put on! 

Congratulations to the winners!

1st – Pelican Waste

2nd – Hache Grant Association

3rd – Tiger Roux

PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Brothers in Blue

 Our 501c3 nonprofit was created to honor America’s Veterans for protecting our freedoms and liberties that many Americans take for granted. Our freedom is not free, and we are paying back America’s warrior heroes by applying our talents and abilities to lead Veterans who struggle with their new civilian identities toward positive programs and education.

Fletcher Technical Community Colleges' Veteran Center receives donation from SLVO
Brute Force Firearms and Rex Tactical custom made AR15's for SLVO raffle


The experiences of war leave an indelible impact on our Veterans. When they return to civilian life, the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges they face are often difficult. Everyone benefits from the freedom and security our Veterans fight to protect.  Supporting these heroes, from our community, is a responsibility we all must share.


South Louisiana Veteran outreach will achieve our goals by investing donations and revenues to support our sustainable programs and build partnerships that address challenges in drinking and driving, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, employment, education, health, veteran benefits, aiding with past due bills, and grocery support. 

If you are a Veteran or know of a Veteran who needs assistance from SLVO, please fill out our Veteran information form and submit to slveteranoutreach@gmail.com

Veteran Information Form

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